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How face news racket works? On Alt News, we have run several stories about fake videos and fake news that get propagated via social media. Considering the amount of fakery out there, my personal belief at this point in time is that an individual who inadvertently forwards a fake video or a fake piece of

Shahrukh Khan TED talk 2017 full Speech

Shah Rukh Khan is a certifiable Bollywood superstar, with over 80 films and hundreds of millions of fans to his name. On Thursday, he gave a talk at the 2017 TED conference that touched on everything from his reputation as the “King of Romance” to the ways that the world has changed since the introduction

Kovind was one of two defence witnesses 

In 2012, the BJP’s presidential nominee testified in support of former BJP president Bangaru Laxman, who was eventually convicted of corruption. New Delhi: BJP insiders say that Ram Nath Kovind has been in the“good books” of the party’s top leadership, which explains his nomination as the NDA’s presidential candidate. However, Kovind’s past as a defence witness in the